Mulder Health Care Facility
… a place for living and healing

About Us

The Mulder Health Care Facility is a Nursing facility licensed by the State of Wisconsin which opened its doors in 1956 at Rockland, Wisconsin. In 1963, a facility was built in West Salem, and in 1968, additional rooms were added. In April 1994, we opened a 22-bed addition replacing beds and upgrading, making our facility more comfortable for the residents and staff. In total, Mulder Health Care Facility is 100% Medicare certified for Part A & B, and State certified for Medical Assistance. Our door is open to those who need rehabilitation, extended convalescence or long-term care. We recognize the individuality and dignity of each resident and tailor our services to individual needs.

Services offered to the resident include: Physical, Speech, Occupational, and Recreational Therapy, modified diets, respite care and a host of other support services too lengthy to list. Our goals are delivering "quality health care" and meeting the needs of our residents.


Our aim is to treat each individual with the honor, respect, and reverence that is fitting to his/her dignity as a human being. Even though infirmities or disabilities may necessitate a degree of dependency, aging persons have the same needs as people of all ages.

The more interesting everyday life is for the resident, the less they will be inclined to live in the past. They need to have something to look forward to each day. It must always be kept in mind that older people have been independent. With aging, they have lost some of their independence and self reliance. There is a real threat to emotional security. Helping them to help themselves for a long time, or as long as they possibly can, is a great act of kindness. In helping them, we never tell them what to do; but rather encourage, persuade, assure, suggest, or request. Much can be accomplished by asking rather than demanding or telling.

The best approach is with Love, Kindness, Gentleness, and Patience.