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Dietary Services

As part of the admission process, the resident and/or his family are consulted individually about food likes and dislikes. Menus are then planned to accommodate dietary and medical needs consistent with stated preferences. Choices are always available during mealtime.

Special occasions are celebrated with special menus and decorations to make the mealtime more festive. Meals will be provided at the bedside as necessary; however, all residents are encouraged to eat in our dining room as mealtime is an important part of a resident's social life.

Modified and therapeutic diets are prescribed as dictated by resident's physical needs and usually include specially prepared foods. Foods other than those ordered by the physician may have an adverse effect on the desired treatment for that resident and should be avoided whenever possible.

Please check with the nursing staff when bringing in food items to ensure the resident will not be adversely affected. Please notify the Charge Nurse if a resident will be going out for a meal.

Family members and friends are welcome to join residents during mealtime.