Mulder Health Care Facility
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Restorative Nursing
Each resident is assessed prior to admission by his/her physician as to rehabilitative potential. Restorative therapy and nursing measures are implemented as soon as possible to help the resident regain or maintain as independent a level of functioning as personal abilities will allow.

Medical Care
Medical care is available 24 hours per day. When a resident has a medical problem, Mulder Health Care Facility may find it necessary to have a physician visit the resident before the scheduled routine visit. The number of physician visits are decided according to the level of care. Skilled care residents are seen at least every 30 days by his/her physician or general nurse practitioner. All residents must be under the care of a physician.

In case of an emergency the resident will be transferred to the hospital of his/her choice. The family or legal representative will be notified at once of the transfer.

The Facility has unit dose administered medication. A resident may use a different dispensing agency if that agency meets the same delivery requirements as our unit dose system.

All medications and self medications administration are ordered by a physician. The self medication administration care plan development is done by the resident and interdisciplinary team.

Dental Care
A resident can visit their own dentist in town or out of town. We also contract with a dental agency who will visit on-site.

A Podiatrist (foot care) is available through the request of the resident.

Optical Care
A resident can visit their own optician in town or out of town. We also contract with a optical agency who will visit on-site.

CPR Policy
Each person's life is of great value and deserves respect and care in all of its stages, including the final dying stage. It is the policy of Mulder Health Care Facility to perform CPR on residents who suffer cardiopulmonary arrests at our institution unless "No CPR" has been requested by the resident, legal representative or surrogate. It is our opinion that each resident or legal representative has the right to make their own decisions regarding whether or not they would want CPR initiated and will address this issue at the time of admission.