Mulder Health Care Facility
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Social Services

A social worker is available and will make initial contact with the resident and/or his family prior to admission. After admission the social worker will provide counseling to any resident and/or their family as needed to meet personal or financial needs and to assist in discharge planning when appropriate. The social worker can also assist residents with completion of Advanced Directive Documents and Financial POA's upon request.

Shortly after admission to the Mulder Health Care Facility, a staff conference is held to assess the resident's probable length of stay, taking into consideration such factors as physical and mental condition and family and home situation. Final plans will be made for his/her discharge from the facility and a plan of care will be worked out that will best suit individual needs after discharge. This may include utilization of community services such as home nursing, mobile meals, referral to volunteer services, physical therapy as an outpatient, etc. A resource manual on local community services/agencies is available in the Social Services Office.

Every effort is made to match resident's personalities and to find compatible roommates. Whenever incompatibility develops, efforts are made to find a better arrangement.